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Poltergeist 2015

I think we often allow the power of nostalgia to interfere with our viewing experience when dealing with the remake/reboot dilemma.  Some are great.  See Evil Dead (2013).  Some are serviceable.  See A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010).  It’s true.  I don’t hate the Nightmare remake.  It’s not earth-shatteringly good, but it’s not an awful film. 

Some observations gathered while watching Poltergeist 2015:


- It is interesting watching the poltergeists in the remake play with modern technology, and it doesn’t feel like a cop-out “gimmick” to make the movie more accessible.  Well-played by the film-makers.

- Great house and set design.  Check.

- Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams smoking a joint in bed in the original was early 1980's cinematic gold.  That sort of magic can be only captured once in a lifetime.  Don’t expect anything like that here.

- We are treated to a rather unenthusiastic "They're here." Whatevs. 

- This version of the melting face in the mirror is rather inventive, but with no gore.

- The flick is a fairly faithful adaptation, minus the Spielbergian magic.

- Sam Rockwell plays a decent 2015 facsimile of Nelson's lovable everyman.

- Most of the film's attempts at humor fall flat.

- Almost every iconic scene from the original gets a reimagining.

This is modern popcorn horror.  You can have fun with this movie.  But it isn’t going to leave a lasting imprint.


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