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Nerding Out with Supreem Da Rezarekta'

Welcome November and welcome to the second installment of Nerding Out. Today I talk with funk/hip-hop maestro Supreem da Rezarekta'.  We discuss his new EP Shades, his early inspirations, Whitney Peyton and Team Underdog. In the process, a hip-hop super-group is born, and other decisions are made. 

Funk that and Nerd Out!

Duane Mincel:  You recently dropped a solo EP Shades. Tell me a little about the origins of EP, the writing and recording process, and the general vibe you’ve been receiving from the final product.  

Supreem:  Well the EP came about after I was coming to the end of my funk bag and wanted to get back into my Hip Hop bag. A MAC [producer Ali McGuire] did the "Backside Boogie" track for me and I went crazy on the lyrics and hook which was totally me, very party but very lyrical. After that song the younger Hip Hop crowd started getting me again and that brought me back on stage with the DJ without the band. So we decided to put the band to bed for a minute and reintroduce myself to the Hip Hop world. Then we recorded "Gimmie" and added Whitney Peyton on it and the rest was a no brainier. We decided to put an EP out with all her production on my label SNE Records.

Now that Shades is out and I went on a national tour with my homegirls Whitney Peyton and A MAC, boy I haven't heard nothing but great feedback concerning the EP. People really like "Gimmie" and "War Going On Inside", which may be the 2nd Single.

Shades on iTunes

Duane:  This may seem like one of those extremely broad questions, but how did you get involved in making music?

Supreem:  After I heard rap on the radio for the first time, I knew I could do it. I always wanted to be an entertainer but I couldn't sing or play an instrument but when I heard an MC spit, I knew I could entertain spitting rhymes. Then eventually I got with Docta Shock of Darkworld Entertainment and started making real music and eventually records.

Duane:  You seem to be a man of eclectic musical tastes. Name an artist/album, which you listen to on the regular that may surprise some people.

Supreem:  George Clinton and The P-Funk Allstars/Greatest Hits.

Duane:  We’re going big on this one. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to form the ultimate hip-hop super-group of five emcees, dead or alive. Think of it like The Avengers of Rap. Who do you pick and what do you name this group? 

Supreem:  Big Daddy Kane, Busta Rhymes, ODB, Ludacris, and Jay-Z. Name of the group is The Poop Stain Clan cause we shitting on everything and everybody. [laughing]

The Poop Stain Clan

Duane:  How did you become involved in the Team Underdog movement?  

Supreem:  Well my DJ Xzotic D told me about this young girl, Whitney Peyton, that just killed this show he was Djing years ago. So I looked her up and checked out her video "Crazy" and liked her vibe. Years later I'm working with David Ivory on my Supreem & The New Experience album Pimpilicious and he tells me he wants to add this little hot female MC that blew his mind at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards to my song "Googly Eye" and it happened to be Whitney. We did the song and she killed it and we met and eventually performed it once but we stayed cool and ran into each other a lot on the Philadelphia music scene.

Long story short, her and A MAC hooked around the time me and A MAC hooked up and we started hanging out at each other shows and working in the studio on different things. Finally recording "Gimmie" and a song for her upcoming album. Then I did her show intros and she brought me on tour to perform during her set. Being that close to her and seeing the Team Underdog movement up close and personal, I was sold cause we all feel like underdogs fighting from the bottom to get on top. I dug the love so much and the team embraced me so crazy, that I got involved with everything including the Takeover radio show. Hell I got the Team Underdog logo tatted on me, I'm so committed. [laughing]

Duane:  This interview will post after Halloween, but since horror is a big interest of mine, I’m always inclined to ask. Everyone has a favorite scary movie, or movie that scared the shit out of them as a kid. What’s your favorite scary movie?

Stay Outta the Tub  

Supreem:  I hate scary movies but the one that scared the shit out of me as a kid was JAWS. I was scared to take baths after I saw that joint. [laughing]

Duane:  You are stranded on a desert island. For some strange reason, you have a CD Walkman and enough batteries for a week. You also have three CDs of your choice. What are your top 3 desert island albums? 

Supreem:  Parliament/Funkadelic - Mothership Connection, James Brown - Greatest Hits, and Shades by Me. [laughing]

Duane:  Zombie Apocalypse Team: You get to pick 3 fictional characters from ANY universe to be part of your zombie apocalypse team of survivors. The only stipulation is that they have to be human, without any supernatural powers or abilities in the paranormal, psychic, or magical arts. Who do you pick?  

Supreem:  Daredevil, Dolamite, and The Black Panther! 

Duane:  What’s in store for 2016 and beyond for Supreem Da Rezarekta'?

Supreem:  Touring and performing like crazy, promoting Shades. Doing features with some dope artists and getting ready to start recording a SNE album that will blow your mind!  #funkthat #teamunderdog


For more info on Supreem check out his website below.