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Supreem - The Shades EP - Music That Matters

Out of all the arts, content-wise, music seems to be the most disposable.  There are just so many bands out there and so many songs.  Everything has been done before.  Radio plays nothing but pre-packaged garbage and most other music outlets are filled with so much noise and nonsense, you would need a virtual machete to cut through it all.  So it’s often difficult to find a good egg in such an over-crowded basket.

Luckily, funk-maestro extraordinaire Supreem da Rezarekta' provided a remedy to this malady when he recently dropped his long-awaited Shades EP.   Let me tell you, Supreem and Team Underdog packed a whole lot of dopeness in 21 minutes. 

This is OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP.  All CAPS, baby!   Preem’s lyrical goods are delivered over a brilliant bed of beats supplied by producer Ali “A MAC” McGuire. 

Download on iTunes

My Top Tracks

“Backside Boogie” is a bouncing party anthem.  Crank this shit up!  Loud!

“Gimmie” featuring Whitney Peyton is my mutha fuckin’ jam.  Read my thoughts on “Gimmie” by clicking here.

“War Going On Inside” is an uplifting and deeply personal song.  But with any great lyrics, you can pluck out a nugget of wisdom that will reflect your own experiences.

“Chosen Few” (Freestyle) is a dope, freestyle rap that features a guest verse by our Queen Underdog, Whitney Peyton.  Howard Stern often jokes that Hollywood producers should add Spider-Man to every movie to make them better.  The same can be said about having W.P. on your track.  Her appearance adds even more shine to this badass cypher.

So go buy this EP and support music that matters.

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