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Nerding Out with Gabriella Meghan

I first met Gabriella Meghan last summer at a Whitney Peyton show in Pontiac MI. Gab was running the merch table and would later run the boards during Whitney’s performance, repping the DIY indie grind with style. But I really first became aware of Gab from her always entertaining appearances on The Takeover podcast, and subsequently, through her Instagram.

Gab is an all around cool chick and a warm, funny, and genuine person. On the creative side, she writes poetry and is working on a novel. She’s done modeling and appeared in several commercials and music videos.

Gab was gracious enough to grant her time and Nerd Out with me on variety of topics.

And she makes Nerding Out pretty for a minute. #TeamUnderdog

Duane: Do you prefer to be called Gab, Gabby, Gabriella, Crazy Cat Lady, or Countess Succubus Meow?

Gab: Ohhhh. I really like Countess Succubus Meow! That’s a first! But since that’s a mouthful, I’ll settle for Gab or Gabriella (Gabby is something I’ve grown to dislike as I get older).

Duane: How did you and Whitney Peyton meet and how did that transition to you becoming a part of Team Underdog?

Gab: Oh geeze… I met Whitney years ago when she was performing in Syracuse, NY, through a mutual friend. She ended up becoming a good friend of the family and staying at our house when she’d come upstate. We kept in touch over the years, and our friendship grew- eventually I asked her if she needed help with her emails, because things were getting to a point where she was getting tons daily. I felt it was important for her to focus on her music… and well, the rest is history!

Duane: You played the role of Tammy in the “Better” video, helping to add a heartbreaking visual component to an already emotional song.  What was that experience like?

Gab: Whitney told me one day, “I’m going to pimp you out!” I was a little confused at first… then she explained the video to me and I fell in love with the concept. I think “Better” has such a powerful message, and the visual really captures the audience’s emotions. I have acted in one of her other music videos “Bittersweet,” as well as several commercials in the past. I love acting on a small/freelance level! It’s a nice escape from reality… even if you are playing a call girl that gets shot.

Duane: Would you rather lose all cell phone/internet/social media usage for 6 months, or the ability to drive for 3 months?

Gab: I’d rather lose my cell phone/internet/social media usage. I am a total gypsy, and without my ability to drive I wouldn’t be able to just get up and go. I am spontaneous, and sometimes just feel as if I need to go… it’s as simple as that!

Duane: You are a poet, blogger, and now, currently working on your first novel.  Tell me about the book and a little bit about your writing process.

Gab: I’ve always loved writing. I’ve been a strong writer since I can remember, and have always been deeply in love with poetry and poets (Edgar Allan Poe is my spirit animal). I’ve been writing a poetry blog for several years, which really first gained me my base audience. I have several hundred organic views a month on my poetry blog (may not seem like a ton of people but for me it is!). I am in love with free verse poetry, and how unstructured it is. My free verse poetry sometimes turns into short stories, and has inspired me to write an evil, yet poetic tale. My book, As Told By Us is about a young woman, “Layla”, who gets sucked into a LGBT scene, and discovers how dark the people around her are. Each chapter is named after a person she meets along the way, and how they’ve impacted her life. The entirety of the book has romance, erotica, mystery and murder all wrapped in one!

Duane: A grand event is being thrown in your honor.  It’s the party of the century.  The band/artist of your choosing will play an entire concert at this gala affair.  All expenses and logistical factors have been handled.  Who do you pick to play, and what song do you have them dedicate to the person of your choosing?

Gab: I would have to choose my homies from Halestorm. I’ve always adored their music, their passion for their fans, and their grind. I recently met them, as I was working with Jagermiester at one of their recent concerts, and I couldn’t have felt more welcome by the entire band. I would request they play “Dear Daughter” and dedicate it to my mother. Every time I hear it, I think of my mother saying those exact things to me when I was young.



Duane: Team Underdog is a true movement in every sense of the word.  At the show in Pontiac, MI, a couple of months back, I met people I already knew from social media.  And I met new people that I added to social media later.  It’s because we all run in this tight-knit underground community.  Everyone is cool and respectful and there is a sense of genuine camaraderie.  How does it feel to be part of something so positive and exciting?

Gab: I couldn’t have asked for a better family… because that’s what ALL of Team Underdog is to me. A Family!

Duane: Zombie Apocalypse Team: You get to pick 3 fictional characters from ANY universe to be part of your zombie apocalypse team of survivors.  The only stipulation is that they have to be human, without any supernatural powers or abilities in the paranormal, psychic, or magical arts. Who do you pick? 

Gab: I fucking love this question! Stef from the Netflix series The Fosters (she’s a badass cop), and Clarke and Lexa from The 100! All badass chicks would be on my squad!


For more information visit Gabriella's website.