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(Yes, I'm aware it’s September.)

I haven’t had a summer jam in eons.  I don’t listen to much modern music and that’s not for some sort of bullshit hipster affront.  I just don’t normally connect with new stuff.  My deficiency of a summer song can easily be explained by my lack of participation and general apathy toward the next generation of artists.  But sometimes the earth rumbles and you take note and shift with the edifying landslide. 

In 2015, I finally found myself a new summer song.  Or did it find me?  Either way, this mamma jamma of a hip-hop slammer is “GIMMIE” by Supreem Da Rezarekta', featuring Whitney Peyton. 

“GIMMIE” is an old-school banger.  I stretched this song out all summer long.  It is in-fucking-possible to stay still during “GIMMIE”, even if you’re just typing on your laptop with the song emitting from tiny speakers.  The track smacks you in the entire body, but in a good way and with hella groove.  I’m not just talking about passively bobbing your head to the beat; I’m talking full-on possession of your body parts like you’re some sort of remote-controlled marionette. 


Supreem launches and closes the track with bars that bounce amid his rhythmic, aggressive verse.  Preem is a pro and channels his flow with deliberate focus.  You’re listening to what he’s spitting and he knows it. 

Whitney Peyton’s “yep yep” shouts that preempt her verse tend to trigger a Pavlovian response from the Underdogs.  Synapses fire and musically-elicited endorphins are released, because we know Dub-P is up next and she’s going to wreck it.  Peyton’s lyrical skills and impeccable delivery appear to be limitless.  She is one of the most talented emcees to ever pick up a mic.  Period.  But that’s a subject for a later time.

Let’s face it.  At this point, Whitney Peyton could rap over a beat backed by the wail of babies crying and still make it sound good. 

Thankfully, she doesn’t have to do that.

All of this lyrical magic is harnessed through an immaculate and tightly layered track held down by producer Ali “A MAC” McGuire.  To say this song is funky is akin to saying that A MAC is insanely talented.  It’s clearly evident.  A MAC’s beats have the life to reanimate corpses.  Hopefully, humanity will have A MAC on its side, to use her musical skills to distract the undead, if a zombie apocalypse should ever occur. 

Team Underdog can make the dead dance, which shifts us to the present and the Halloween season.

I’m not dead, but it takes something brilliant to make me move. 


Download “GIMMIE” on iTunes.


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Download Supreem’s new EP SHADES on iTunes.