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Some Thoughts On "It's All Good"

“It’s All Good” feels like the summation of everything Whitney Peyton has had to say up until this point in her career.  This is a logical assumption since W.P. is venturing into a new album cycle.  The track is the perfect first single and has quickly moved its way up there with my favorite W.P. songs.  Break the Frame cannot come soon enough.

I will admit that on first listen I was not feeling the male R&B/pop-fusion chorus by Sounds.  That’s only because it was not the sound (no pun intended) that I was expecting.  Having pre-set expectations, as we know, can ruin things if we allow them.  I didn’t allow that to happen.

Photo by Big Tilt Media

Whitney Peyton has never sounded as confident as she does on these verses and there is a definite sense of growth and maturity to be felt here.  Yes, you can exude the wisdom of maturity and drop “purple nurple” in the same song and it still applies.

Be sure to listen to “It’s All Good” with a high-quality set of headphones, because this cut is sonically beautiful – moody and atmospheric.  Dub-P and A MAC are musical soul sisters, a dynamic duo for a new day.

Riding in an Uber car has never sounded so cool before.

That’s about all for now.  I can’t wait for the new video to drop.  And then the new album in December.  Just in time for the holidays. 

“Before I leave the game best believe I’ma burn it down.”




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