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Break The Frame Track By Track

Whitney Peyton likes three word album titles. Keeping with the theme of three, I have provided a three sentence review of each song from Whitney Peyton’s badass new record Break The Frame.

1. "Intro" - Whitney Peyton comes in with verbal guns firing in an adrenaline-fueled opening track that kicks the proverbial door off the hinges. Peyton sets the stage for what’s about to come with a lyrical smackdown on all of her detractors. This intro banger is a work of absolute devastation. 

2. "Broken Road" ft. Allie Santos - This emotional piano-driven track has two heartfelt verses, followed by a spoken word outro. WP opens up and pulls the heartstrings and it's impossible to not feel the raw honesty in her lyrics. Peyton packs more depth and true sentiment in two verses than most rappers will produce in a lifetime.

3. "Red Light (Funk You)" - “Red Light” is a fun song with an insanely catchy hook.  Watch for this cut to be a live staple and crowd favorite. Give ‘em that Red Light (Funk You)!

4. "Too Far Gone" ft. Jonathan Padilla - Produced by Ali “AMAC” McGuire, this track is an inspiring call-to-action against our culture’s continued spiral into the bleakness of pessimism and negativity. Songs with deeper themes are nothing new for Whitney Peyton and she kills it with fierceness and passion. It’s time for the rest of the world to take note.

5. "Sticks and Stones" ft. Jelly Roll & Rachael Rota - This dope track has a smooth-rolling beat that really plays well with the lyrical flow. Rachael Rota is perfect on the chorus and Jelly Roll’s verse actually compliments Dub-P’s verses. "Sticks and Stones" is top 3 material from this album.

6. "Wake The Neighbors" - Holy shit, Whit! "Wake the Neighbors" is the anthem track on this album and an instant classic. Peyton runs verbal laps with her wordplay, cleverness, and clarity of delivery, as she continues her rapid evolution as an artist.

7. "Word of Mouth" ft. Kung Fu Vampire - Whitney Peyton rapping in an old-school style is something to behold. Breaking the creative frame, indeed. "Word of Mouth" is the perfect example of the wide spectrum of references and puns that WP drops into her verses that leads to even greater appreciation on repeat listens.

8. "Gasoline" ft. Allie Santos - “Gasoline” is probably the sexiest track on the album. Meaning you can totes bone to the groove. Peyton’s flow is deliberate and restrained, while Allie Santos, featured earlier on “Broken Road”, delivers a beautifully haunting chorus.

9. "Flatline" ft. Misfits & Matt Good - Mix Whitney Peyton rapping over chugging guitar riffs and exceptional drumming and you get "Flatline". It turns out to be a fantastic concoction. The song begs to be performed live.

10. "It's All Good" ft. Sounds - “It’s All Good” feels like the summation of everything Whitney Peyton has had to say up until this point in her career. Peyton has never sounded as confident as she does on these verses and there is a definite sense of growth and maturity to be felt here. Yes, you can exude the wisdom of maturity and drop “purple nurple” in the same song and it still applies.