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Supreem - The Shades EP - Music That Matters

Out of all the arts, content-wise, music seems to be the most disposable.  There are just so many bands out there and so many songs.  Everything has been done before.  Radio plays nothing but pre-packaged garbage and most other music outlets are filled with so much noise and nonsense, you would need a virtual machete to cut through it all.  So it’s often difficult to find a good egg in such an over-crowded basket.

Luckily, funk-maestro extraordinaire Supreem da Rezarekta' provided a remedy to this malady when he recently dropped his long-awaited Shades EP.   Let me tell you, Supreem and Team Underdog packed a whole lot of dopeness in 21 minutes. 

This is OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP.  All CAPS, baby!   Preem’s lyrical goods are delivered over a brilliant bed of beats supplied by producer Ali “A MAC” McGuire. 

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My Top Tracks

“Backside Boogie” is a bouncing party anthem.  Crank this shit up!  Loud!

“Gimmie” featuring Whitney Peyton is my mutha fuckin’ jam.  Read my thoughts on “Gimmie” by clicking here.

“War Going On Inside” is an uplifting and deeply personal song.  But with any great lyrics, you can pluck out a nugget of wisdom that will reflect your own experiences.

“Chosen Few” (Freestyle) is a dope, freestyle rap that features a guest verse by our Queen Underdog, Whitney Peyton.  Howard Stern often jokes that Hollywood producers should add Spider-Man to every movie to make them better.  The same can be said about having W.P. on your track.  Her appearance adds even more shine to this badass cypher.

So go buy this EP and support music that matters.

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Some Thoughts On "It's All Good"

“It’s All Good” feels like the summation of everything Whitney Peyton has had to say up until this point in her career.  This is a logical assumption since W.P. is venturing into a new album cycle.  The track is the perfect first single and has quickly moved its way up there with my favorite W.P. songs.  Break the Frame cannot come soon enough.

I will admit that on first listen I was not feeling the male R&B/pop-fusion chorus by Sounds.  That’s only because it was not the sound (no pun intended) that I was expecting.  Having pre-set expectations, as we know, can ruin things if we allow them.  I didn’t allow that to happen.

Photo by Big Tilt Media

Whitney Peyton has never sounded as confident as she does on these verses and there is a definite sense of growth and maturity to be felt here.  Yes, you can exude the wisdom of maturity and drop “purple nurple” in the same song and it still applies.

Be sure to listen to “It’s All Good” with a high-quality set of headphones, because this cut is sonically beautiful – moody and atmospheric.  Dub-P and A MAC are musical soul sisters, a dynamic duo for a new day.

Riding in an Uber car has never sounded so cool before.

That’s about all for now.  I can’t wait for the new video to drop.  And then the new album in December.  Just in time for the holidays. 

“Before I leave the game best believe I’ma burn it down.”




Download “IT’S ALL GOOD” on iTunes.



Whitney Peyton - It's All Good ft. Sounds

The new WP single has been out for almost a week now.  What do you think of the new song?  Leave a reply in the comment section below.

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Whitney Peyton - Crafting The Essential MIX CD

"The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem. You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you got to take it up a notch, but you don't wanna blow your wad, so then you got to cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules." - Rob Gordon, High Fidelity


Some of us like to rock it old school and make mix CDs.  Below is my list and sequencing of essential Whitney Peyton songs that will fit perfectly on a standard 80 minute CD.  There had to be some tough cuts and my picks might be different if you ask me a month from now. 

  1. Made You Look
  2. Welcome Back
  3. It’s All Good
  4. Storybook
  5. Mrs. Making Moves
  6. Sorry That I’m Not Sorry
  7. Screw A Hook
  8. I Gave My All
  9. Rolling In The Deep
  10. Gimmie
  11. Boom Ba Yay
  12. Live By The Sword
  13. Stranger
  14. Crazy
  15. Bittersweet
  16. Cold World
  17. Collabo
  18. Ferris Wheel
  19. Everyday
  20. Loner
  21. Gangstas, Geeks, & Freaks (Remix)
  22. Better
  23. Woopty Woo Woo


(Yes, I'm aware it’s September.)

I haven’t had a summer jam in eons.  I don’t listen to much modern music and that’s not for some sort of bullshit hipster affront.  I just don’t normally connect with new stuff.  My deficiency of a summer song can easily be explained by my lack of participation and general apathy toward the next generation of artists.  But sometimes the earth rumbles and you take note and shift with the edifying landslide. 

In 2015, I finally found myself a new summer song.  Or did it find me?  Either way, this mamma jamma of a hip-hop slammer is “GIMMIE” by Supreem Da Rezarekta', featuring Whitney Peyton. 

“GIMMIE” is an old-school banger.  I stretched this song out all summer long.  It is in-fucking-possible to stay still during “GIMMIE”, even if you’re just typing on your laptop with the song emitting from tiny speakers.  The track smacks you in the entire body, but in a good way and with hella groove.  I’m not just talking about passively bobbing your head to the beat; I’m talking full-on possession of your body parts like you’re some sort of remote-controlled marionette. 


Supreem launches and closes the track with bars that bounce amid his rhythmic, aggressive verse.  Preem is a pro and channels his flow with deliberate focus.  You’re listening to what he’s spitting and he knows it. 

Whitney Peyton’s “yep yep” shouts that preempt her verse tend to trigger a Pavlovian response from the Underdogs.  Synapses fire and musically-elicited endorphins are released, because we know Dub-P is up next and she’s going to wreck it.  Peyton’s lyrical skills and impeccable delivery appear to be limitless.  She is one of the most talented emcees to ever pick up a mic.  Period.  But that’s a subject for a later time.

Let’s face it.  At this point, Whitney Peyton could rap over a beat backed by the wail of babies crying and still make it sound good. 

Thankfully, she doesn’t have to do that.

All of this lyrical magic is harnessed through an immaculate and tightly layered track held down by producer Ali “A MAC” McGuire.  To say this song is funky is akin to saying that A MAC is insanely talented.  It’s clearly evident.  A MAC’s beats have the life to reanimate corpses.  Hopefully, humanity will have A MAC on its side, to use her musical skills to distract the undead, if a zombie apocalypse should ever occur. 

Team Underdog can make the dead dance, which shifts us to the present and the Halloween season.

I’m not dead, but it takes something brilliant to make me move. 


Download “GIMMIE” on iTunes.


Download Whitney’s Peyton’s new single, “IT’S ALL GOOD” (feat. Sounds) on iTunes.


Download Supreem’s new EP SHADES on iTunes.


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